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Web Site Re-Design

You have a web site, but itís just not working for you. Nyberg Network can re-design your existing web site to:

- Reflect a simple, yet attractive new structure

- Enhance user-friendliness

- Increase loading time

- Add enhanced features to your web site not currently included in your present design.*

There are web sites out there that people will visit, but will immediately leave. Why? Sometimes itís because it takes so long to load. Those sites are usually so graphic-intensive (meaning they have too many images on them) or theyíre really poorly structured. At other times people leave because itís just so hard to ďget aroundĒ in the web site or things just donít work. A smaller portion consists of people leaving just because there is no relevant information on the web site.  Those things donít really paint a good picture of you or your business. If youíre looking for flash, youíve come to the wrong place.

Your web site should do the following things:

- Aesthetically reflect your business or organization. It wouldn't be appropriate for a pet grooming service to have a web site with a floral background.

- Be easy on the viewer's eyes. This means that the "physical" structure of the site should be the same throughout the entire web site. Color schemes are important too. Normally, you will want to limit it to up to three colors, and they shouldn't clash. Usually it's recommended that the colors used should be those that are found in your logo, as we have done here with blue, gold, and white. Text is another issue entirely. Text color should be dark if on a light background and light if on a dark background. It should be easy to read and large enough.

- Be easy to navigate. Visitors shouldn't have to go through link after link to find what they're looking for. A web site needs to have an organized structure.

- Be fully functional. Images should load properly and all your links should work correctly.

- Contain relevant information. Content is key! It's what your visitors are looking for. Your web site shouldn't have a description of your last fishing trip, unless of course, your web site is about you and your fishing trips.

- Be complete. There should not be any "Under Construction" sections in your web site if at all possible. It tends to look unprofessional, and visitors don't like to follow links that lead nowhere. Each section should be added when they are done and should be fully functional.

- Be web browser compatible. Your web site should work the same way in both of the more popular browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape. 

- Load quickly. No one wants to wait around more than a minute for your web site to load. Besides, there are still people out there that are on 28.8 K modems. 

Nyberg  Network will work closely with you to examine your present web site, indicate any changes that should be made and why. We'll consult with you on what needs to be done in order to correct these shortcomings and provide you with an estimate of the cost. Finally, we'll make the changes themselves to give you a web site you can be proud of.

* Enhanced Features: Some enhanced features are only available for web sites that are hosted on a UNIX server with various requirements.



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